Lower Garden District: Coliseum Square Park


One thing we look forward to doing in our blog is highlighting some of the awesome spots in New Orleans, particularly some of the great spots in the Lower Garden District that are walking distance to the Creole Gardens Bed and Breakfast. The Lower Garden District hosts a number of small businesses worth checking out, including restaurants, cafes, bars, art galleries-- you name it! For today, we won’t be focusing on a small business, but rather a historic centerpiece of the Lower Garden District: Coliseum Square Park!


First, some history. The Lower Garden District is actually one of the earliest points of expansion from the French Quarter. The neighborhood was developed in the early 1800s by Barthélémy Lafon, a French architect, with Coliseum Square Park intended as the focal point. A Greek-style coliseum was planned for the center of the park, and though it never came to fruition, the name remains. The Lower Garden District Association (formerly known as the Coliseum Square Association) has been instrumental in maintaining and updating the park, and neighborhood, since the 1970s. Last year, they successfully completed their efforts to restore Lafon fountain, named after the aforementioned architect of the neighborhood, and dedicated to the late Howard Schmaltz, a preservationist who was very active in the Lower Garden District.


The fountain, the second in the park overall, now serves as a beautiful centerpiece. As a business operating on a historic property, we are incredibly thankful for the efforts of the Lower Garden District Association, and are happy to host them on Thursday, August 8th for their Summer Social. The event is open to the public, and you can RSVP on Facebook here. Stop by to meet these awesome folks!

Whew, this city is full of history. Now for some of our favorite things about the park. It’s 100% pet friendly! The park itself is only about a block down from us, making it the perfect spot to bring your furry little friend should he or she need some time in nature. You’ll also likely get to chat with locals (dogs included), and admire the sights! With the neighborhood being one of the oldest in New Orleans, the park is surrounded by beautiful period homes.

If you’re planning your visit to New Orleans, we hope you’ll check out Coliseum Square Park. We look forward to highlighting even more awesome, local spots near the Creole Gardens. Remember, you’re invited to the Lower Garden District’s Summer Social on Thursday, August 8th, hosted in our wonderful event space, The Roadhouse! That's it for us, ya’ll. Until next time!